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Why do people either love the Resistance or hate it.


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Really? Most people seem to either hate it or just find it ok. I haven't seen many that really love it.

Personally I just found it too bland compared to most of their works. The tour didn't help much either.


Pretty much this. It's not actually that bad, it's just quite meh (and has Guiding Light and Resistance on it). Then the tour helped sour that era even more.

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I think unless you're talking about a lot of people you personally know, if we're gauging love/hate on message board, and the internet... it's pretty skewed.

Everyone has a strong opinion on the internet, and oftentimes it's not even their real opinion... fitting in on a massive, massive scale, and all.

Always ends up with

Fanboys = love

Older fans = hate (anything new)

Band is too popular = hate

Band is popular, but not too popular, and with the right people = love (even if you don't like it)



People also only really want to talk about strong opinions. Who talks a lot about something that's "meh"?

Same applies to negative discussions... only so many times someone will type "I love it!" but will go on for years about "I hate it, here's why, and you should too, or you suck/are a fanboy!"

Human nature.


I thought TR was really good when it came out, and a somewhat natural progression.

It took about a month before I realized I was skipping over half the songs.

Doesn't feel like it has the same 'emotion' to it, and feels more bland... but that's personal opinion, and not relevant.

My feelings about T2L have made me feel worse about TR now than I originally did.

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Not gonna lie, it took me quite a while to get into TR. With all the others it was pretty much one listen through and I was hooked, but TR took about half a year for me to appreciate everything that goes on in it.


Took me up until a couple of weeks ago.

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