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Make the music video for animals


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:eek: nooo I haven't seen T2L live! (and yeah I love Animals but now I'm a bit bored of it ...but in a few weeks I'll be ok with it I hope)


I'm kind of sick of it by now, lol. :LOL:


I actually have avoided it for a few weeks, I overlistened it too :chuckle:


The song is amazing though, and the ending is huge live :yesey:

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Hello fellow muse fans,


It has always been my dream to make Muse a music video. Very excited just to think they will (hopefully) watch it...


I have seen them live 9 times, with 10th booked (very excited).


Wondered if you would like to take a look at what I have created? :rolleyes:


>>> http://genero.tv/watch-video/35049/


Would love to have your support and views :) from one Muse fan to another.


"Your time is now"







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