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may have made a mistake, i was goign for lower tier ticks but didn't see any, but now I'm guessign the general admission tickets covered lower tier seats and they're not reserved? :(


That's what I was going on based on what TicketMaster say:

"This event is pitch standing / unreserved level 1 seats. Unreserved seats will be available on a first come first served basis."


Looking at G&T, it seems like the reserved seating is:

£54.45 Block 102, uppper tier at the back

£60.50 Block 113, 134, 91, upper tier, side on to stage (kind of over the match centre line)

£93.50 All sorts of Club level, nob seats

£54.45 GA (standing & L1 unreserved, according to TM)


So, makes you wonder why you'd buy the crappy upstairs seats at the back, unless you knew you were going to be late and just really wanted allocated seats...? And why you'd pay more for the OK pricey seats upstairs when you could get far better downstairs just by getting there in reasonable time?


Anyway, that's me sorted for the day. The usual "you're in a queue 'cos we're busy" implied it'd be another pre-sale frustration, but I guess the member codes made a difference this time :-)

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