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"Want to be in a video Muse? Send your best quality videos of YOU (not us!) At one of our shows to quattro747@btinternet.com. # beinamusevideo"


"Deadline is 12:00 GMT tomorrow. Please send. Mp4, no bigger than 10MB, no longer than 30s. Here come the legals ... # beinamusevideo"


"By Submitting your film you relinquish all rights to it and consent to its use in full or part edited and / or enhanced state ..."


"Muse ... for usage by all media for Both Known and as yet unknown in all territories in perpetuity. Legals over!"


Who films THEMSELVES at a Muse concert?! God damnit. I want to be in a Muse video.


What? :LOL:

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Ouch. My daughter pulled a big pyrex mixing bowl off the counter and broke my foot once. It is not pleasant.


Wonder why he was running around barefoot.


EDIT: OMG he's wearing the exact captain america t shirt that my son has. He's going to piss his pants. (My son. Not Matt. Although that would be funny. Tee hee.)

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