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What a bunch of idiots. Who films themselves at a muse gig?


If this announcement came before the gigs I attended, though, I would have used a cam attached on my head, filming the moshpit.


It couldn't have been that idiotic since their inbox got full.

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Here's a better question:


Do any of us want to WATCH these videos stuck in whatever they do with them?

I certainly don't... :rolleyes:


No can't say I'm interested in watching what fans do at gigs or would ever film myself at a gig. I can envisage that a group of young people out at a gig together might do it though.


They did something with the photos last time which was quite effective. Perhaps this will be similar. They could use their own footage, but perhaps they thought this would be more fun for some people, or for some idiots, however you want to look at it.


They could have given some warning though, so that more idiots had an opportunity to film themselves.

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At Earls Court a dude stood and filmed me dancing for like half a song. Like, a pro camera guy. I was all :erm:. So glad there wasn't a DVD of that gig.


:LOL: the same thing happened to me. I ran away from him and when I turned around, he was still filming. I had the same sense of relief :happy:

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