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Various items soon to be available for rent through FatLama (sorry, technically #NotForSale). Prices not fixed yet but open to discusssion. Rental can be anything from 1 days up. My location is Nottingham/Exeter but I travel to London regularly.



Manson MA-2 Evo S

- MBK-2 and Sustainiac

- Custom hardware machineheads

- Matte Black finish

- Deluxe Manson leather strap with Schaller strap locks

- 2 Manson/Dunlop 0.73 yellow picks

- Manson soft guitar case


Korg KP-2

- With all cables needed to connect to the XY on a Manson and directly into an amp


All pedals below have been part of Matt’s rig according to Equipboard and MuseWiki. Each come with a list of presets linked to Muse (eg the presets for New Born/Micro Cuts/SMBH H.A.A.R.P. Kaoss Pad effects)


Diezel VH4 Pedal


Digitech Whammy DT


Keeley Fuzz Head


Keeley Compressor (4 knob)


MXR 10 Band EQ


Zvex Fuzz Factory



Questions welcome!

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This was a tough one.


Answer: Nwankwo Kanu (Champions League with Ajax, Premier League and FA Cup with Arsenal, UEFA Cup with Inter, FA Cup again and relegation with Portsmouth)


Good luck with your sale (sorry, technically #NotForSale).

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I know things are quiet around here, but just in case anyone is interested:


Here are the respective Reverb and Ebay listings for my 2012 production Manson MB1, Red Glitter, with MIDI, sustainer and killswitch.

Located in Australia!


If anyone is interested, hit me up directly and I'll be happy to answer any questions!

Whilst I doubt a non Muser would necessarily go for one of these guitars, I'm definitely more interested in selling to a fellow fan.






Thanks guys



Why so little wtf


Oh it's a replica blah

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Reluctantly selling my Custom Manson MA Ali Plate - I have listed it on Reverb:




Thought I would stick it on here as you never know! Price is slightly lower than what Manson recommended to me.


A little snippet from an email that I got from Adrian about the guitar:


"Hi Dan,

No worries - that ali plate is a great guitar - pretty much the hand made one-off that Hugh produced when we discussed creating our new shape MA model, and made at the same time as it's deeper twin - a baritone version that was shown to Josh Homme at Reading festival. Enjoy the guitar and if we can help with anything else in the future just drop us a line.






"Your custom shares no components with an MA-2 apart from the machineheads - the neck, body and remaining hardware is both different spec and higher grade. Works guitars will eventually come with certificates and when the design is complete I'm happy to backdate and send out a certificate to customers such as yourself that have already purchased a custom.




Thanks :)

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Which BKP90's? Asking for a friend..


Late reply


I believe one is a Nantucket and one is a Supermassive. Will have to measure the outputs to work out which is which




I also have a possibly broken sustainer circuit board which someone can have for £20+p&p. I think the intensity pot got broken maybe and is stuck? Honestly can't remember. One for someone to have a play with


Still also got a Liquid Foot Pro for sale. £380 ono


and a Harley Benton 212 cab. Make an offer


Yamaha HS8 monitors are gone

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£3499 to UK only for 1 day only...this is 2009 prices :)


Surprised nobody has snapped this up yet!


Why the sale if you don't mind me asking, going for a 2018 MB?

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Hey guys - Looking to shift some pedals I'm not using now. I think the prices are acceptable after looking at recent sold items.


Akai Deep Impact Bass synth pedal - Great pedal this for recreating some proper 80s synth. Think I still have the box and original PSU. It does have a minor issue with the LED, I think it needs resoldered (you can tap the led and it lights up - so looks like a contact issue). As in on/off LED, not actual screen. I can send a video to show what I mean :)

(Not sure why i've given info here, everyone knows what it does :D)

- £400


Line 6 FM4 Filter Modeller - Comes with 9v diago adaptor, Loads of useable filter tones. Think i still have the box.

- £130


Boss OC3 Super Octave - Pretty awesone unit. No box

- £60


TC Electronic Polytune Nano - TEEENY TINY TUNER! No box

- £50


Marshall The Guv'nor MK1 - Original guv'nor, good condition. Possibly still have the box... not sure...

- £100


Electro Harmonix Bass Big Muff - Good cond, don't have the box.



Dunlop 105Q bass wah - Break out your inner timmy c.



Line 6 Sonic port - Great wee interface for iphone/ipad (with the lightning connector). No box.



Postage would be a smidgen more :) Images here https://imgur.com/a/ixetP

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