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I've never shipped a guitar abroad, would have to ask James for some advice on that :LOL:


Part of me thinks I'm forever doomed with the DS1


I don't know much about abroad stuff either. For something that large it's usually not worth it.


I don't even know what exactly I'd use with the DS-1 but for some reason I want to waste money to see.

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fuzz factory pending sale


Also, to that person who was looking for a LP DC (can't remember who), here's one with international shipping




Might be me.

I saw it few hours ago haha ! But thanks :)


I hope this time I'll be able to buy it.

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Not gonna lie everytime I see you post in this thread James part of me is hoping you're selling the Stealth Manson


But then part of me hopes it's not cos I won't be able to afford it


Unless you wanna swap for a DS1?


Don't even try. I'll out bid you with my DS-2

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Focusrite Saffire LE - Firewire audio interface


I got this hoping I could use it with a firewire-USB adaptor but it won't work.


I don't have the proper PSU so will ship it without, but I think it'll take power from firewire anyway (although i'd recommend getting a PSU for it. 12V DC 1amp)


Here's a link to a SOS review http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/jul06/articles/saffire.htm


it's in good condition although if you're picky about these things I could take a photo of a scratch on each side - just ask and you shall receive.


I'm hoping for £100 please - that's including any shipping (happy to meet also, I'm in Stoke) via PayPal gift.

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buy my stuff






digitech whammy IV. great condition, but needs to be calibrated. includes power supply if you're in the US, otherwise you'll need to find your own. $125 including worldwide shipping.




dickinson D1 tube overdrive pedal. works great, no issues. includes power supply if you're in the US, otherwise you'll need to find your own. ships with gig bag. $300 including worldwide shipping.




ohnoho's blowing up. again, i'm not man enough for this pedal. works perfectly. includes original box. $100 including worldwide shipping.




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buy my stuff




manson MA-2 20th anniversary. has seymour duncan p-rails with two push/pull pots for switching options. excellent condition overall. includes hiscox hardshell case. currently setup for 10-46 gauge strings. only thing is that i don't have the certificate for this. it does have the manual though. $1250 including worldwide shipping.




I would but I have no money :(

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My parents did the finance for the MA-2 for me and I paid them for it monthly, but I'll turning 18 next week and the loan on the MA-2 will be finished soon so I'm going to apply for the CE-7 in my name, I only JUST manage to earn enough to cover the MA-2 each month so it's time I start looking for a new job as well :LOL:

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