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2013.06.04 - Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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I shall indeed... I wanted to go to Paris also but a) is not my favourite city and b) I was away in the Lake District hence the Helsinki trip .....Hell we have to justify these things don't we?


Hope you didn't get too sunburned in the end, you made me laugh having a go at those two lads pushing in the queue, you certainly told them. I actually enjoyed queuing in Amsterdam, I don't usually like it, the weather helped of course but everybody was so lovely that it made it real a pleasure for a change.


Hope to see you next time they do a Netherlands gig. X


I got SO sunburned.. it hurt for days. But I don't care, it was so worth it! I'm glad you liked it here, and definitely hope to see you again next time! Was nice meeting you (and all the others that queued with us) Have a great time in Helsinki!:)

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