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Is it just me or is that super fast for an MB-1 run? When did they order again?


I think they started taking orders last april


Not sure how long it will be - I recall people were seeing our guitars from the 2nd batch on the workshop wall a while before they were actually sent out

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Suddenly that custom is within reach :awesome:



Bewilders, you ordered a red MB-1 didn't you? apparently they're being wired up now, so it shouldn't be too long!


I did indeedy! Ooh really? How exciting! :D I've been getting really tempted to call to see how long as they aren't the best in replying to e-mails... Well, my ones!


How much is the shipping for those who had one in the UK?

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Tim will be doing a Q&A on reddit tomorrow for anyone who's interested in asking him a question!


it's on now. some interesting questions actually




What's the craziest custom guitar request you've received? Has there been one you said no to (that isn't due to angry Muse lawyers or 15 year old kids asking for a custom guitar for £300)




I'd say the craziest ones are from Muse fans. Since Matt put effects in his guitars, that become the next big thing. I didn't turn it down, but the guy couldn't afford the cost of the guitar he wanted. He wanted a Sustainer, Fuzz Factory, X-Y midi screen, Midi strip, D beam controller, Piezo/hexpander system, Wah Probe, Boss DD-3, kill switch, cracked mirror front with flashing LED's It starts to get a bit silly sometimes. You'd have more batteries and switches to know what to do with. Plus the lack actual wood in the guitar isn't going to make for a good tone!


.....Jim? :LOL:

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:LOL: Sounds lie something I would've asked for 3 years ago.


Closest I came was asking if I could put a Fuzz Factory and an MXR Carbon Copy in a guitar - would've worked, but delays eat through batteries like crazy and it wouldn't have been worth it.


i thought you asked them for a quote on something like that shortly after you got back from the UK that time!

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Nah, it wasn't that crazy. Just FF, Phase 90, piezo, Sustainer.


i only found this


-Pelham Blue New Custom T shape, alu. pickguard and (if possible) binding

-Rosewood fingerboard (side dots only)

-Birdseye Maple neck

-MBK2 set

-Vol/Tone controls with push/pull coil split in the tone

-3 way pickup selector

-3 way killswitch (top horn)

-Gotoh 510 HAP tuners (no string trees)

-Internal Fuzz Factory and Phase90 (maybe a small delay too?)

-Ibanez tremolo w/ locking nut


Olly approved?

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