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Is it coincidental that you locked the first thread on your 2000th post there, James? :LOL:


maybe :ninja:


surprised how many posts MFC had in that thread.


is that mauro's one? not sure about the dripping chocolate but the stuff under it looks great.


nah i don't think his is finished yet.


i wonder what a rust relic styled MA would look like

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Manson MA-2, Anniversary Edition in Metallic Red.

It's just too sexy to have any modifications done so I'm saving for a matt black MA-2 to pimp now.









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Does anyone know a good free program for mac which is good for guitar mock ups + a tutorial or something? Or can someone do it for me if I PM them? I have this EPIC idea for a guitar, I just need to see it... :(


I can't do it bUT TELL ME WHAT IT IS ANYWAY///




and yeah Olly, can't wait to see some proper hi res of it!

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