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Muser Christmas Card Exchange


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Hi there ! Surprised to see that nobody made a thread for a card exchange this year ...


Is Minnie still posting there ? :D


Indeed, it's high time we thought about it. I'd like to participate to this event which is fun and friendly. Let me know if any of you are willing to participate to it this year again. Just PM me. :)

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How does it work? :happy:


Minnie will send in a couple of weeks probably (time to get most of the participants' addresses and emails) a list of the participants and their adresses + emails (well, kind of obvious if you want to sent something :chuckle:) , then you can either send everyone a card (handmade, bought, superdupershiny or muser or even ecards :D) or choose the people you want to send cards to (if you're a bit short with money, choose people near your area etc)


Think I've pretty much said everything !

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