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Mini KP on Guitar


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Yes I would have thought it would, as its not really meant for use with a guitar. Matt, and subsequently many muse fans etc. have bastardized it :) But when it IS in a loop, you can get some pretty awesome effects. I hope this helped :)

Thanks for the reply, do you know where i could get a looper? I've searched around in shops and online, but i can't find a cheap one. (The ones i was looking for ranged to around 100-150 pounds, im looking for cheaper).


EDIT: i have found one here: http://www.loop-master.com/product_info.php?cPath=21&products_id=151 would this fix the tone sucking from the kaoss pad? :)

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Ahh you seem to be confused, i think you've googled looper and gotten loopstations for the price your talking about, thats not what you want. You want a true bypass looper, so you can put your signal through the kaoss pad or not at a flick of a switch :)


And no problem about replying :D

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