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MUSE All-over Print T-Shirts


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So once upon a Muse concert, me and my friend were wondering if there was any merch in the form of an all-over printed t-shirt of the Muse album artwork that existed at all... Because we thought it would look awesome.


Haven't found any in existence so far so I thought I'd draw up a quick artists-impression of what they might look like and OMG I want them all. Can't find a company that would print such shirts for a decent price though.


Please tell me that we're not the only ones that would buy these!



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There's the OOS shirt from last year, but it's got no colour on it (still looks ace though). I would buy all of those above though. To be honest, I think I'd buy anything with OOS on it, I have a strange love for that album cover :chuckle:


Yeah I've seen that one floating around, I do like it - it just needs some colour, I thought ;)


OOS album cover is intriguing..

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