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Muse on ticket prices in Gigwise


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Were the $100 tickets in Europe before or AFTER non- face value fees?

Like someone said, I'm saying mine were $60, but that's face value. They came to just about $85 each after taxes, and the incredibly high fees charged.


How realistic is it, still, to say that prices "average people" out of going to concerts?

Sadly, that's not completely out of line with other luxury activities.

A brand new video game costs $60, a dinner at a nice place (as in, not Applebees...) typically costs me $50+ minimum for just myself, hell I went to the zoo last summer and THAT cost me $40 per person.


If I'm counting myself as "average" I go to maybe 3-4 concerts a year at most, and many years 1-2. Would I like to go to more, maybe (depending on the year,) but the cost DOES force me to be selective. The same is true for my boyfriend having to choose between video games, and not buy every one he wants. And compared to concerts, he probably buys upwards of 20 video games a year. (Actually, the amount of money people spend on video games is staggering... but another topic.)


Do we have any idea what the band's take home from a concert is?

Not only are the shows expensive to put on (at Muse's level,) you're looking at rising gas prices, rising prices of food and other resources, wages, and TWO seperate large entities that have to profit - Muse AND the record label.

While Muse may have expressed some concern over rising prices, the label certainly won't. There are large entertainment companies that have used the word "exploit" in press releases, and said "we'd make prices three times that high if we felt people would pay" in public earnings statements.


Honestly, even CDs and movies are way overpriced ($15-20, and $20-30 minimum, plus $1.29 a song, usually) and the fact that they are easily pirated and people typically (want to) buy way more of them, also drives prices up in other areas of the market.

But, why are people more inclined to bitch about ticket prices, than, say, the Muse box set? Which could be viewed as a fancy way to get people to buy a CD, instead of pirating.


It's also fair to say that, unfortunately, some people are even willing to pay 3-4 times ticket prices, or scalping wouldn't be such an enormous problem. :( (Which has also, much more sadly, leaked into kids toys... but again, different topic.)


I still rack it up to greedy corporations making billions of dollars by zeroing in on exactly how much we're willing to pay for the things we want, no matter how you look at it. I'm sure Muse makes an assload of money, but it still pales in comparison to what the record label makes, and I don't really begrudge Muse for it...

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How on Earth are they "extortionate" prices when attending a music gig is hardly anything that is in any way necessary to your essential or even secondary, tertiary needs to function as a human being? No one is forcing you to pay for a concert in the same way a company can force you to pay for water/food items´/medicine/health care.


I can say that the prices are "extortionate" because they are much too high.

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