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Madness Inspired Poem


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In amidst your sinking ship,

He will come and make a flip.


Like a hand pulling you up,

He will treat you like a pup.


With His fists he will pave,

Bringing forth the coming wave.


Again you ask to have a save,

Then your sins he will shave.


A mighty voice they will hear,

The only one that makes them fear.


Unbelievers will run and hide,

While the righteous take a ride.


Take His word like a pill,

For it helps you up the hill.


Take hold with all your must,

For you await His final thrust.

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awaiting my moment

my moment to pounce

cause upon my heart

is where you trounce


the future...mine to see

embedded in my memory

compose a line

and make it rhyme

and tell what will be

for all time


at a moments glance

you know I see

the hidden underbelly

of his story


this lamb was led

at a moment in time

and that is when

I changed my mind


so take a pill

Day and Night

to keep at bay

life's hidden fright


and stand assured

that I am here

to counterbalance

that silent fear

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