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Any way to get some of the other Jonathon Ross stuff, i.e. Matt doing archery, any interview or whatever else he did?? Or are we in America doomed to not see any of

this? :( Thanks for any help anyone can give! :) Oh---and I take it they only telvised Madness? Those glasses were :LOL: and awesome all rolled into one!! :) LOL!

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"Saggy gonads" is at about 5:50 and the archery starts at 11:00. :happy:


That was great. Anyone watching that would be given the impression, I think, that Matt is cool :chuckle:, even with saggy gonads! :LOL:


He certainly looked like he knew what he was doing in the archery. I think he's done that before.


Some of Bear Grylls's antics were a tad disturbing though! :eek:

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