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Panic Station is so divisive. I think it would do well in markets with a strong "alternative" rock fanbase (think: places that actually played FF's "Take Me Out" when it was huge. However, at least in the US, the country is so inconsistent with which areas actually play "niche" music, even when it's HUGE.

If they're really looking to "break" the US, they have to somehow get onto a Top 40 type station that plays everywhere. :p Gross, but probably true... At least if they want "Coldplay popularity."


My "too trendy" coworkers absolutely hated Panic Station, or at least felt obligated to say they did.

However, when I was playing Follow Me on a different day, they all stuck around to listen, and then didn't insult me.

This is progress for them. :rolleyes:


They all did say they hated Matt's voice, still... and over 50% of them asked me if he was "hot."


Scientific research, at it's worst.

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I hope he sits them down on the sofa to have a quick chat, but I don't think the performers generally do that... at least we'll see a lot of them in the green room. Dom will most likely be trying to chat up Kylie while she looks confused as to why that gay one from Muse is eyeing her up :chuckle::p
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