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Win tickets to BBC Radio 2 Concert


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A pair of tickets to the BBC theatre gig has just sold on ebay for £200. :eek:

Before anybody asks. no I was not the winner (my highest bid was beaten).


On the BBC security site states that they could cross reference the number on the email (ticket) with the list they have.


Hopefully the people who bought the tickets get in.

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Bit of a dodgy question...the answer is four but I would accept three as well if I were them.


Oh that's good because I put four, thanks to Wikipaedia, but I know that can be dodgy. That doesn't mean much more chance of winning tickets of course. Well it's a bit more than if the answer had been wrong, at least.

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I Took part in the muse competition for two tickets for muse's concert tickets ,


Then yesterday i received an email saying i had Won the two tickets , and that i had to confirm by giving my full name.

As soon as i could , i replied to them with my full name and confirmation , But i haven't gotton a reply from them , So i wanted to know if anyone else who won the tickets got a reply yet , and i also have a couple of questions ;


~Will the tickets be posted to your address , or will it be like an e-ticket thing?

~ I'm really getting paranoid , that they forgot me or something , because i hadn't given my address or age or anything when i sent the original email , i have only given my full name so far , is this bad ? did i lose my chance to go to this once in a lifetime concert?

Is there anyone else who won the tickets and would share their thoughts?


Thanks in advance ,


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