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2012.10.31 - BBC Radio Theatre, London, UK


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These R2 In Concerts are peaches - especially in the cozy surroundings of the Radio Theatre with a total capacity of only 310 seated (or 425 standing if they remove the seats, which they don't do often). Seeing Quo there a year or so ago was quite surreal, I imagine Muse will be rather more so!


Sadly, tickets will be almost impossible to get and, like all these open draws, the gig will have many casual fans. Hopefully muse.mu will offer a handful in a competition. Just wish I wasn't on holiday that week!


And, just to whet your appetite, here's the view from the stage...



And a view from the back (remember, this is the entire audience - plus a little bit more upstairs)...


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Woah this is TINY!:eek:


I have noticed Muse seem to be doing a lot of promostuff like this - appearances/small gigs/performances - over here in UK for T2L. Which is nice :happy: makes a change...usually the meet&greet/competition type stuff seems to happen elsewhere eg America & Australia.


However I do wonder what UK radio station they'll now hawk their wares to. They've done BBC R1 and R2, and they've popped up on R4; what's next - R3? :LOL:


:stunned: Actually, I could see them doing that. One day.

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