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2013.01.23 - Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA, US

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Could you put your pictures in spoiler font? They're stretching the page. Thanks!


Done. I resized them before uploading, but they're still huge.

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I got Bliss as well, from my seat in Row 4. The sound quality came out pretty nice imo, considering what it was like in there. Glad they fixed it for Night 2! :happy:


(I do zoom in eventually, ;). I just didn't at first cause my hands were literally shaking from excitement :facepalm: )




:awesome: So glad you got Bliss on video for this show. I was too excited to record and I knew the audio on my camera wouldn't do it justice anyhow. :(


I got a bit of UD and Stockholm. Uploading SS now.



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