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2013.01.28 - Oracle Arena, Oakland, California, US

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I will edit the picture size if someone tells me if there is a tool on this site that handles it.

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I took some.


I figured that since I'm in the same space for the whole concert, it's unlikely that there is too much variance, so I might as well snap a bunch at once, hope 1 or 2 turn out ok, and put the camera away.


Then my 6-year old deleted my card this morning!!!


Bought some recovery software...glad to know software exists now! And it's not too pricey. I don't wanna spam here, so if you do an online search you can find it for under 50 bucks.


The VIP experience was so/so. There wasn't a ton of atmosphere in the pre-party. Aside from the food it was marginally better than the club bars upstairs. Having a TV that showed what was happening on stage would have been neat, since almost everyone skipped the opening band, some people didn't realize it.


As for the swag...I would have swapped the totes and drink bottles for a tshirt, but that's a personal choice. The Poster is not a poster, but a litho, so a thick card, not shiny paper. It's personalized to the concert, and numbered. Someone signed it, but I don't know who. It's in pencil, as is the numbering. Possibly the artist of poster?


Anyway, while figuring out the value of VIP over a regular ticket, a concert litho is usually $40-$50...if you go by Muse t-shirt prices, $70. The bottle is a thin metal bottle that would sell at merch for $20-$30, probably. There were totes for sale for $20...they are completely different to the ones for the VIP ticket, but I am merely working out value for the dollar.


So, for $220-$230 (depending on ticket master vs CID) there was the first 10 row ticket (which makes absolute sense, since you'll never get near the front if you're partying in a private room while the opening band is on), a $20 tote, a $40-$70 litho, a $20-$30 bottle and as much food as you can cram in two hours in a nice setting.


I wish they were selling the 5 or so prints they had at the pre-party. That would have been nice and exclusive, if they had one of each print per show.


Beer prices at Oracle were weird. At the pre-party they were $8.50, while upstairs they were $13.

Was your VIP not seated? I thought they all were. You could show up anytime with a seat and not worry.

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Yesh, I had a 4th row seat, next to stage.


Although I am not sure you can show up whenever you want by doing VIP. Those poor people were sitting at a table outside in the cold. I am sure that at some point they need to pack stuff up, and with 'paperless' only tickets and swag to collect, it would get a bit frustrating for everyone. But in general, seats are great if you want to avoid the lining up.

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