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2013.04.15 - Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, US


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I will be traveling by Amtrak to and from the gig tonight and could use some help with my planning.


From what I understand Muse went on around 9:15, is this correct?


Also, what time did the show end? The latest train is 11:15 so I will have to make it no matter what. I'm assuming they will end before 11 because of curfew and luckily Penn Station is right below The Garden.


i think they were on at like 1050 sharp. i was able to make it to a an 1104 train, so you should be fine

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last night was truely awesome. the amount of energy they had and transferred to the crowd in this isolated system was unreal. i did the VIP experience and WOW it was awesome. it was like a giant muse museum with posters of them, the HAARP DVD playing on over 50 TVs, a jukebox playing music, full buffet spread and cash bar. very awesome to hang at, chatted with many musers, perfect cause im going again tonight so i waited until muse came on to head down


seats were great and as far as performance goes it was a great muse one. all the songs were heavy and sounded spectacular. i think time is running out just never gets old and gets more fun to rock to each time i see it. the GA looked like they were having a good time and matt loved showing the love to the fans.


cant wait for round 2!

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Right area of the pit was intense. We had a lot of fun. The moshing was respectful also, i know people were looking out for eachother (well atleast I did, saved a couple of chicks from falling). I liked the setlist. Very intense up until KOC.


Dunno if my body can handle these shows anymore.

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Hi ! I will be tonight at the Madison. Could you please tell me at what time Muse started yesterday ? I will perhaps be an hurry. Thanks for your HELP !!!


They started at 9:05 on the dot, finished around 10:45


I've never been jealous of GA peeps, until lat night. So much love for fans. I was thinking of grabbing a GA ticket for tonight's show, but I'm afraid for my belly.

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They started a little before 9:05, ended at 10:47 - thought they had time for at least one more - but a great show! This show is bringing them much closer to the audience than the last couple of tours, I like that. Weird though seeing Matt singing some songs without playing any instruments, not used to that. :) Posted a couple of vids on YouTube:





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Last night's show was amazing! Yes they started at 9:05pm and finished up about 10:45pm. I wanted to catch the 11:06 train back down to Central Jersey, and I was able to do just that. It all depends on how quickly you get out of MSG, because everyone is like in a huge traffic jam trying to get out of there. And my friend and I did run a few times in order to catch this train.


We had GA West and were comfotably about 8 people back from the stage -- perfect IMO for seeing a more broadened view of the set and the colorful and dazzling effects:D


I never imagined I'd be so close to them, but wow guys, GA is WORTH IT! And guess what....if you aren't hell bent on being at the barrier, and just want to be close enough (like 6-8 people away from the barrier), then you don't have to worry about lining up at 8am or whatever...because me and my friend showed up at 7:40pm! I was SO worried we'd have crappy positions, but there really is NO crappy position. The views are amazing no matter where you are.


I did feel bad for people with GA East, holding on to their barrier looking like they were the 3rd class citizens in the Titanic at the gate. I'm not sure what the reason was for this separation, but I felt bad that they had to remain back there. I even heard one girl offering $600 to the guard to let her into the West area. And he seemed to be denying her that (wow:eek:).


I loved the setlist, but feel envious of those that will get Hysteria, New Born etc.


As much as I felt our GA section was electric and INTO it. I have to say there were times I looked around at the people with seats and it seemed they were all sitting! And there were times when a song would end, and they weren't really even cheering. And this would be after well-known songs!! :( Heck even people on the GA floor weren't clapping or cheering because they were too busy on their phones. Or some people stood there not on their phones but just didn't even do anything when a song ended. I felt a little weird, because I always cheer or applaud, and feel bad when others don't because I wonder of this translates to the guys.


It WAS a fantastic show, but I wish the crowd energy was a little better.


Anyone going tonight, have a great time!! You will LOVE IT!!

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Sometimes they just shock the hell out of people cause they are so good and dont know what to do. I had seats for this one(hate seats but its all i could get) and my section was crazy yes sometimes i sat during the slow songs but then again I'm old and my back is killing me, but other times i just shook my head in amazement they are so damn good, tonight i have ga east and friday ga and i will be barrier!!!!

Oh and yes cant stand the people on the cell phones!!!

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