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2013.02.04 - Pengrowth Saddledome, Calgary, Canada


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Good Day fellow Muse fans!


My wife introduced me to Muse when we first met 7 years ago and we have vowed to see them on our first opportunity. Living in Calgary, AB that time is coming February 4, 2013!!! We have tickets in the seated area :)


The reason I post this is she has supported me through my school for the last 3 years and has put off having foot surgery to work 2 jobs to keep us financially stable in this fairly pathetic economic crisis.


Her foot surgery will have her in recovery and on crutches for the show :(


I start my new job in January and would like to make this occasion as special as possible for the woman of my dreams ;) I will be renting a limo (so she doesn't have to walk too much), and I would love to find out how to attain VIP to the show! She is worth the world to me and has put up with so much of my crap and stress whilst in school for 3 years...


Any help from the Muse community for this endeavor would be greatly appreciated!!


Much love to you all,


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