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Fan picked Muse playlist show on BBC 6 Music


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I work for BBC 6 Music and this Sunday between 6-8pm (GMT) we want you to help pick the Ultimate Muse Playlist.


This could be anything from your favourite Muse tracks, to people who inspired them, people they've toured with etc etc.


You can get in touch on:

- Facebook

- Twitter using #Muse6Music

- Spotify


Or leave a comment here and I'll pick them up.


Thanks very much - would love to see as many of you as possible involved!


Thanks, Will


Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/nowplaying/2012/09/muse6music---help-pick-the-ult.shtml


Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/nowplaying/2012/09/muse6music---help-pick-the-ult.shtml

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I think it would be really nice to have more less-played songs featured. My personal favourites would be


Muscle Museum (my #1 pick -I think (reading their biography) it actually had a lot of impact on furthering their career, but hasn't been played live for years- it deserves a spot in a playlist mapping their history, in my opinion)

Apocalypse Please


City of Delusion (seems to have gathered a lot of fan love during the last few years- just a personal observation not based on anything substantiable, though)


From newer songs Supremacy would be nice. It would seem fan consensus is it being the most popular track on the album (by far the most stream plays)


I think FabriPav's suggestion about playing The Tornados is great, considering Matt's dad George was in the band. Telstar also influenced Knights of Cydonia. However, I personally prefer Riding the Wind as a Tornados song, and it was actually written by George Bellamy.


If BBC is not averse to playing classical music on the show, Sergei Rachmaninoff is an oft-quoted influence on a lot of Matt's piano work and even on specific song level (piano concerto no. 2 in particular). Might be a bit long, though.


Queen, Rage against the Machine are other obvious Muse influences.


If you are planning to have some sort of "Muse influencing other acts" selections as well, it might be interesting to hear covers of Muse songs other people have made. I can't really think of which songs have had great covers made of them - I think Unintended at least has been covered several times (on talent shows, for example). Maybe other board members can suggest bands who have been influenced by Muse (who write their own songs)?

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Map Of Your Head is charming, simple and lovely and shows that Muse don't have to try too hard to impress.


Hyper Chondriac Music is ethereal and beautiful, again showing that Muse aren't always obvious and in your face (unlike tracks like Supermassive Black Hole and Knights of Cydonia).

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