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Big Freeze vs. Guiding Light


Big Freeze or Guiding Light  

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  1. 1. Big Freeze or Guiding Light

    • Big Freeze
    • Guiding Light

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I actually really like Big Freeze, it has a nice melody, it's bouncy and has an enjoyable solo, I don't understand why it's disliked so much. Explorers is far more bland and cringey.


As for Guiding Light it's just bland, uneventful and cliche. I will admit I enjoy watching it come together on the making-of DVD though, the solo is enjoyable in that context too.

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big freeze is actually one of my favorites from the album based off about my first 5 or 6 scans of the album. besides matt blatantly doing his best bono voice at the one part in the second verse there, i think it has some really good vocals and melodies on it. and that guitar solo is something else

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Stupid as fuck threads vs. quality threads.


Comparing songs like this is completely pointless and irrelevant in every way. Even disrespectful towards the band.


Ah, come on. It's just a bit of fun among fans. Just pick the one you think is better. At least it's not in the negative tone and asking people to pick the one they think is most shit, right?


Anyways, I chose Guiding Light. I still cannot get into Big Freeze, while Guiding Light has some sounds and bits that I do enjoy.

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