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Except for that they apparently mistook Big Freeze for Save Me.


How else can you come up with this: "Save Me and Liquid State, two songs co-written by bassist Wolstenholme provide very different sides to his personal battle with alcohol. The former provides an uplifting, U2-esque ode to his family"

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I'm already amused at the number of reviews that end with "this album is either pure crap or absolute awesomeness - the choice is yours!" sort of thing!


Well, you know... thank god for that. I mean, I'm completely fed up with all the albums where the choice ISN'T mine.

Finally, Muse lets me have an opinion!




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Q gave the album 4 stars in their September issue last month.


This is an interesting review from the New Zealand Herald, mainly as it says that the tracklist should've had Unsustainable at the start and Isolated System at the end, which I massively agree with :happy: :




Also has the most bizarre, unfathomable sound description I've seen recently, the "lovely, liquorice-like oscillations" in Madness. :LOL:

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I love the drowned in sound interview. Its about time someone wrote something to lash back at the horrible reviews attacking Matt. They get me so angry. Hate the music but don't hate the man


I wanted to like that article, but ended up feeling like it was conversely just as insulting as all the "hater" reviews. :(

He had some very good points, but he spoiled a lot of them, for me. Should have reeled it in a little.


I whole-heartedly agree that the amount of hate thrown at Matt, professionally and forumly, is out of line. Your personally not liking an album doesn't give you the right to cut down one of the people behind it, as a person. And, that just makes those reviewers look like assholes... Or it should.


Saying a band "doesn't need you" however... well, they need SOME of us, or they'll be setting up a Kickstarter, hoping to be able to realease a few new songs online... eventually. They just don't need ALL of us. :LOL:

And mentioning the A-list wife as substitute for needing fan approval. :rolleyes:


"Pretty much every song on The 2nd Law sounds like a concept track, based around re-imagining a genre." I agree with this, however. And oddly enough, my boyfriend said pretty much exactly this to me, last night... Freaky.

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