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I hated GL, hated NSC, hated Invincible, hated UD, hated Survival, and hated Madness.


So I have no freaking idea why I love Big Cheese here so much, but it's my 3rd favorite on the album behind Supremacy and Animals. I'm a huge U2 fan (doubt I would've gotten into Muse without them), and while this is the most blatant U2 rip-off possible, it succeeds at being a GOOD rip-off whereas Madness tried to mimic U2 in parts, failed, and totally crapped the bed.


Oh dear, I'm defending an unpopular Muse song. Now I know how 12-year-old girls on Tumblr feel. :$

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I only like the subtle transition into the chorus, it interests my ears. "What words cannot convey" strikes me as cheesy half the time, and pure emotion the other half. What I do know-- I would still listen to the worst Muse songs rather than some other artists.

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