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Godsake, save the GL bashing for the GL bashing thread! Guiding Light fans unite! :p




My opinion is your opinion :yesey:








I soooo would love it live too - it IS fun :)








Agreed. I missed it when I saw them in Birmingham - I really wanted to hear it live, I think it will be awesome; I hope they play it next year :D

Why the rolleyes? It would!! I can totally imagine them singing it with those backing vocals.

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I think I'll have to wait to tell you until you're older. I might get in trouble. :horns:


And hey, Bliss sounded like a video game... why not?

(hasn't heard the instrumental...)

I'm sure I've heard it all


Hey I love video game music, that's why I almost put Mario then thought Mario music is pretty good so said tetras instead




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