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Oh :rolleyes:


I'm glad they left it out, it's cheesy enough as it is, the least we need is more GL styled synth :LOL:


Godsake, save the GL bashing for the GL bashing thread! Guiding Light fans unite! :p


But seriously, it's better than Save Me and Liquid State, in my opinion.


My opinion is your opinion :yesey:


I have to state that I really love big freeze and it is one of my favorites songs in the album!!




Fuck it, they need to play this live. It's funnnnnnnnnnnnnn


I soooo would love it live too - it IS fun :)


It would be a brilliant Take That song :LOL:




It was a slow grower but i'm a sucker for cheesy muse songs so the chorus i thought was just fantastic with the backing vocals. I certainly wouldn't want this song to waste a spot on a setlist when there are other better muse songs!


Agreed. I missed it when I saw them in Birmingham - I really wanted to hear it live, I think it will be awesome; I hope they play it next year :D

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I'm sorry but I think Madness is a much more GL-style song than Big Freeze which is a rock song à la INXS. I do like this song, very good structure and very powerful even if I must admit I can't stop laughing when I hear the little chorus answering the lead vocal at the beginning of the song, THAT's a really cheesy thing even if I think it's just ironic but the rest of the song isn't cheesy at all in my opinion.

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