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So we're getting 30 second preview clips from that Connectome thingy. I thought everyone was posting link in that thread so why not a thread for the song itself :happy:


What do you think of it so far? I think it's a pretty neat start :D And those beats kick in at the last of that 60 second preview but we need to hear more D:


And we're at 29% so far so we should be getting the next 30 seconds pretty soon.


So far: http://connectome.muse.mu/mp3/is2.mp3 1 minute preview.

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Reminds me of The Gallery as well. And I agree with those that said The Exorcist theme. :chuckle: It seems much different than Uns. so far that's for sure.


I'm not bothered by the news lady. There is more about Unsustainable that bothers me other than her.


I can't hear her at all...



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