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This song has to be a single, but i'd release Animals/Supremecy inbetween just so it doesn't look like Muse have gone completely mental.


I would be surprised if Supremacy gets a single release, and if it happens for Animals I think it would be the last single by the time the album is basically old news.


I'm banking on Follow Me and Panic Station. Survival is already out there so that's four tracks off the album, I don't think there's a no-brainer go-to after those.

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I honestly was prepared to hate this song with all my heart, but.....




of course this is only my first-6-listen-reaction which will probably change, but HOLY SHIT DAT BASS. SMBH can go fuck itself this song is just badass. cool, badass, and even funny at the same time. love it.

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For now, it's my favourite song from the new album. Right before Supremacy (which is my second best from the new ones).

First song from The 2nd Law (and probably the only one) I loved after only 20 seconds with no hesitation. It happens rarely with new Muse songs, at least considering me. It makes me wanna dance, scream and "do what the fuck I want to" - really motivating and it sounds like they had so much fun recording it :D

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