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Matt's voice works much better for this style than I thought it would.


I kind of really like this. Its my favorite of the new ones so far. Didn't expect it at all though.


Yeah it was striking how well Matt sang this style. It didn't really sound like Matt or Muse at all, but still great. I thought it would be Chris' songs that would be the most different to what we've had before, but I think this is the most different. Well all of Matt's songs contain surprises.


I am trying not to overplay the YouTubes. They don't sound as good as the original. And as I have already heard seven whole songs, I want something left for the album. So for that reason, I have already forgotten how this song sounds exactly but I do remember that it's awesome. :D

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Listening to it for the 4th time now and, god, I really hope this one grows on me eventually. It's like I'm at a Franz Ferdinand concert and they're playing a horrible cover of Another One Bites The Dust and Back Chat (at the same) time with Faith No More's drummer as their special guest. It's all wrong, lol.

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I can't wait for the 2nd Law... I just can't...


I keep wanting to retweet posts I like/agree with - like this one :LOL: I think this album is going to destroy any fears I ever had. Fucking awesome so far, considering we've heard most of the album! Only tracks completely unheard are Big Freeze, Explorers and Liquid State. And I already know the latter is going to kick some serious arse! :D

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