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This is like the result of a threesome with Franz Ferdinand, the RHCP and Jamiroquai. At first only heard a few seconds and didn't like it, but now I listened to the whole thing and it isn't that bad, catchy as hell.


It's a huge mix of influences/similarities :chuckle:


I'd also add INXS, Bowie, Scissor Sisters, Queen, Prince, Primus, George Michael, Stevie Wonder

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Wasn't on some sticker written "includes Madness, Follow Me and Survival/Panic Station"? I'm sure about Follow Me, but 80% sure about Panic Station.

If it's true, Muse will release the catchiest singles in their history.


That sticker reported Follow Me with Madness and Survival, but it was fake.


Follow Me will probably be their next single (should have been Panic Station and not Madness, though)

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I am absolutely amazed by Picnic Station, it's way better than I imagined, and I had high enough hopes for them going with da funk. Whether that first impression will stay through the album and actually hearing it in person shall be interesting. But for now, repeat listening and ass grooving ftw.

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