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I was in my car when I pulled this bad boy up on my phone on youtube through my car speakers. I almost ran into a traffic light and I almost killed at least 5 people while listening to this song. When I first heard Uprising I loved it, huge chorus and what not...but this...this song ladies and gents is what i'd like to call...simply put...FOOOOOOOOKING EPIC MAN!!!!!!!!!! What a riff, and ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyy that falsetto, oh how i've missed you. :D

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Absolutely love this song.


Quick question...isn't the studio version of this supposed to have, like, an orchestra and choir?


If so, consider my Mind. Blown.


I believe so.


I like how it almost sounded like they were going to open with Citizen Erased :p


Now that I think about it, I seem to remember a CE performance from TR tour opening with those heavy intro notes right before the riff kicks in briefly... is it just me?

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Apocalypse Please and Citizen Erased got drunk at a party one night and had unprotected sex.


Supremacy is the result that came out 9 months later.


This song is going to destroy my speakers once I get the album. I also love the strings. Very much the godson of Zeppelin's "Kashmir".


KASHMIR!! THAT was the song Supremacy reminded me of. It was bothering me so much, thank you!


also yes Supremacy is fucking awesome.

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