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That is one of the most bizarre covers I've ever heard. The production sounds so cheap . And her voice and singing style is just...odd. If she's a noted soprano, I'm assuming she is actually great singer...why sing like this?


But Endlessly is awesome, one of my favourite Muse songs.


Yeah, I'm a fan of some of her previous work and was looking forward to hearing her version when it was first announced. Then I heard it ... :(


Maybe trumpet AND guitar solo.



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I think what makes a very Musey the lack of Queen/ABBA/cheesy influences, for a start.

Example US, newborn inspired track but the ABBA influence puts you off a bit. It doesn't have heavy cheese that you hear almost on everything from TR. But I'm waiting to hear the trumpets on the studio version, I get the feeling it might work extremely well.


Yeah they should defiantly keep the guitar solo!

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