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As James said selling your tickets is a bit more difficult with the new system.


There's a few people who pay for 2 nights but mostly the 2nd night being added later just means there's more casual fans. In almost all of these shows the night 1 presale night seems to always have the better crowds as a result.


I agree with all of this.


For the record, I like the new system. No problems with it at all.


A thread made by Fabri is not worthy.

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Kind of strange that they'll listen to 20 fans with signs over thousands of fans in an online poll :LOL:


This IS a very good point. :LOL:


I liked the paperless ticket system, as well. For all the legit people who want or need to sell a ticket for whatever reason, there's just way too many people buying them up to make a profit.

So, for the few people the system bites in the ass on resale of tickets, there's a ton more people who get to go and have good tickets.

Scalpers, and people like them, are why we can't have nice things...


However, why the fuck not play the "good" stuff on pre-sales nights, when you would have to assume the website fans have tix to that gig?

Or, maybe they really DO hate us here. :p

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Pretty sure we've decided on multiple threads that the best way to solve the setlist beef and night 2 problem is just to throw a rarity or two into the rotation for EVERY gig. The casuals get their hits, the hardcores get their rarites, everyone is happy.


We say that at the end of every argument about this. Don' t know why that is such a hard concept for the band, and I don't think its asking too much.

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