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Muse "Movie"


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In the past few years there has been movies such as Across the Universe and Mamma Mia which basically cover songs from famous artists, The Beatles and ABBA respectively.


So based on that, what would you guys think of a movie like that, but with Muse music? Would you rather have it be cover songs, or just stay the originals? What do you think would be the plot? What songs would you want included?


Personally I want the songs to stay the way they are... the plot should be in some futuristic, spacey world where the government is corrupt and people are unhappy. At the same time with this corruption, humanity is also realizing it's time is nearly over, so they have to move to another galaxy and you have the whole story behind "Exogenesis Symphony" going on as well.


At some point I want the song "Assassin" to play and I want something cool like this to be in there at some point:


Then a whole bunch of songs can go in there like "Resistance" and "Unintended" if there is romance in it, but the romance can't be too intensively focused... Then there should be inner dilemmas with songs like "Hoodoo" and "Megalomania"... At some point throw in "Map of the Problematique" and "Stockholm Syndrome". If the so called universe ends I want "Apocalypse Please" or "Blackout" to play... And since there is a corrupt government have "Take a Bow" to play when confronting the dictator of such corrupt government.... and name of the team, the main characters "Knights of Cydonia" should be their song. And for the heck of it call wherever they are from Cydonia too blah... Also, "Glorious" ought' to be in there too, maybe make the song the theme of a character's inner dilemma.


So what's everyone else's thoughts?

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