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2012.10.02 - L'Olympia, Paris, France


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Actually I think Hysteria is really good live.


But I digress. Amazing show tonight!


Vocals - pretty poor

Guitar - weak ever since the BHAR tour, I'd blame it on the sound tech but surely someone would have pointed it out by now, 5 years later?


Has occasional good performances but not enough to justify it's constant existence. Was pretty boring at Wembley


Drums & Bass are fine. The rest is meh

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We got Stockholm Syndrome, Hysteria and BLISS! Three songs i had given up hope of hearing. So so so happy.


Dom and Chris seemed bored at the beginning (especially during Resistance) but it turned into an amazing show after that. And i loved Matt's story about his dad playing here in the 60's!


You guys are really lucky hearing Bliss but you gave up hope of hearing Hysteria and SS?

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A great gig last night ! I've heard Bliss for the first time since 2006.:)

The songs of the last album are amazing live especially Supremacy, Panic Station, Madness and animals. Nothing from Showbiz but not really surprising...

However I hope next concerts will be longer.

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:awesome: These are fantastic! Thank you!


Good pics L - and how lucky that you didn't get a sparkly suit!


amazing pictures here!!



Thanks guys!


Thanks L. for all the pics :)

Too bad you could not stay longer with us afterwards :(


Here are too more vids (Bliss & Follow me)





Yes I wish I could have stayed longer afterwards, hopefully next time. It was nice meeting you and I had a great time at the gig with all of you girls!


Thanks for the videos.

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