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2013.04.09 - Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada


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A little belated...but oh man it was such an awesome show tuesday night! Really wished I could've gone again last night. We were probably 4 or 5 bodies from the stage on the floor...had perfect view of everybody it was awesome! The stadium looked amazing with the phone lights! Until the next time!




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Hey, this is my first time posting here; but just wanted to add my 2 cents about the show.


I've been a huge Muse fan ever since OoS, but living in Newfoundland, Canada, I've never had an opportunity to see them play. So, this tour, I decided to go to Muse. Flew to Toronto specifically to see Muse play, and well, it was totally worth the trip!


Thought it was an amazing show (although I was a little disappointed about the lack of OoS in the setlist). Minor complaint though; overall it was a sublime experience, and aside from just being a damn good time, it had two nice side effects:


1. Never cared much for The 2nd Law... a lot of the songs felt like misfires to me at first. However, after seeing most of them performed live, I can honestly say I "get them" now (for lack of a better term). My appreciation for the newest album has definitely increased since the show.


2. Admittedly, after years of listening to Muse, and after my initial disappointment with The 2nd Law, my interest in Muse had lessened over the last year or two. They never stopped being my favorite band... but I had stopped listening to them nearly as much as I once did. After this show, my passion for their music has totally been rekindled. Can't stop listening to them again!


Anyway... hope I get to see them again someday. But if not, still super stoked I got to see them at least once. What a massive item to knock off my bucket list!

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