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Watch The Video For Madness Now


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Hmm, it reminds me of the Vancouver riot from 2011 (from the result of their hockey team losing in the finals) where the couple was photo'd making out during the riot






If they had that in mind, which I think is very possible, they obviously played it down in comparison to reality! :chuckle:


I think it's a pretty good video. Discussion of it is on the Madness thread.


I didn't realise there are behind the scene shots - cool!


What is the orange circular thing in the video and in these shots?

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Why are the actors so "perfect" and model-like? It's disgusting...The song has lost its sincerety with this...




Think round that. It doesn't lose it's sincerity. You have to try and think round that.


Also Matt's in there. Obviously embroiled in the story line. He's even depicted alongside the girl. He does a pretty good job of looking sincere I think.


Course they couldn't have had him actually acting in it because that would have been just :$:vomit::LOL:

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oh and also the fact that Matt isn't playing the guitar in the video makes it worse than it is...but it's not that bad overall i guess :)


I was afraid it was going to cut to a shot of Matt power thrusting the guitar during the first note of the guitar solo so I'm glad he wasn't playing guitar as that would have made me cringe to no end.

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