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Contactmusic.com: Muse Don't Want People To Take Them Too Seriously


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Muse don't want people to take the new songs on their 'The 2nd Law' album ''100 per cent seriously.''


Muse don't want people to take their new songs ''100 per cent seriously.''


The band have recorded their most operatic and ambitious project yet with new album 'The 2nd Law', but are aware of how crazy some of the tracks sound to most people.


Referring to 'Survival' - which was used as the official song of the Olympic Games in London this summer - frontman Matt Bellamy said: ''We don't care if people don't necessarily take songs like that 100 per cent seriously.


''We're not afraid of our eccentricities, we're not afraid of going into almost Monty Python rock. But it's like opera. If you put a piece of opera on, it's ridiculous unless you've listened to the whole thing and just go there with it.''


Matt - who is joined in the band by Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard - also said when it came to recording choral parts for the album, they were much different to how he imagined, which he was glad about.


He added: ''It was so operatic. So completely different to how I heard it in my head. But that's what it's all been about: writing stuff to challenge us to sound different from what we thing we sound like.''


Muse have also been announced as the closing act for this year's iTunes festival on September 30.


The band will play at London's Roundhouse venue to close the month long free event, which will also see performances from The Killers, Usher, Noel Gallagher and many more.


To register to win tickets, download the app for free from the iTunes store or visit http://www.itunesfestival.com/gb/win



Source: http://www.contactmusic.com/news/muse-dont-want-people-to-take-them-too-seriously_1405181

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I get what they mean with this, but I'm tired of reading it everywhere for the last few weeks.


Contact music is a source that just recycles quotes from other sources (without giving credit), so the blame for this particular repeated sentiment doesn't fall on Muse. This is originally from the Q interview.

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