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My Personal Project - MUSE inspired !!!


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I'm working on my first personal project.







Soundcloud idea folder



This is only some ideas, in september I'll start to record some songs.

I'd like to mix sounds, images and web.


let me know what you think!


Obviusly... Muse inspired!

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The first one, from the start, was pure awesome. :D


The second one was a bit boring at the start, but it got really cool.


Both are really epic, and much better than anything I could ever do with music. :D Well done!!!


Thanks a lot, i'm working on it.

The final resul I hope sounds much better then this :D


Under the second video there are a soundcloud's link with my others idea !

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Sounds Awesome!

Hey if you make a CD with this and you need help with the cover, let me know!

I'm good at Photoshop and Illustrator, and I also make Muse-inspired art!

Here is my blog:



Thanks! :D

I like your works, really!

I'd like to improve my project with your help, if U want ;)

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