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KITTEN TAB FACTOR ROUND 2 - I ballsed it up!


Let's try again  

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  1. 1. Let's try again

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Had to be recorded in 3 parts for 3 different sounds, and due to latency issues some parts are slightly out of sync.








This track consists of a MIDI bass and drum track sequenced by the entrant, as well as 3 recorded guitar tracks.




This is both a bass, and a guitar cover.




There were a lot of issues during the mixing of this track because of different recordings at different tempos or something... long story short, it's not meant to have a phaser, but I think it sounds cool anyway. Vocals provided by a muser different to that that provided the guitar.




This wan't meant to sound so thin, but it got fucked during export.



This is an entry that I missed... sorry guys :(


FOR FUTURE ROUNDS!!! Might I ask that ALL entries are sent to kittentabfactor2012-summer@hotmail.co.uk one at a time with the ROUND NUMBER AS THE SUBJECT. Not saying it's anyone else's fault, but I almost ballsed up last time because I had to hop between .mu, email and facebook. Bs and Bentley need not re enter as I have your tracks already.

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What happened to the votes, swear Dom had already?


edit: and my post summing it up too :supersad:


editedit: OHHHH new thread. Larry :noey:


Here you go babe


1 is good, albeit not the most difficult of tracks.


2 is great, dats some fast bass playing, kudos! Gets my vote


3 is also good, quality isn't the best but to be expected with an unreleased song


4... tone... middle bit is good but toan is


5 FUNKEH STUFF. And tight playing too.


6. Fucking brilliant. Seriously. Only reason I didn't vote for you is because I know you'll get votes


7. Is good, although again, the difficulty isn't huge.


8. COOL PHASE BRU. Is that you singing?


9. Tight enough cover, although there's a few mistakes, timing issues and tone is gone lad


Overall quality is insane so far, so much better than last year's

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Jimbo's Thoughts:


1. Was alright. Bonus points for Biffy. Sounded slightly out of tune and too muffled.


2. Very nice.


3. Very confusing. I can't really hear the backing track, which makes the cover parts on top confusing without any sort of context for me to put them in. Mastering problems and out-of-sync parts take away from the performance. Sound is pretty thin, too.


4. Diggin' the ambient-ness. Diggin' it. Actually, just diggin' the whole thing. Really a lot.


5. NICE '60s blues toan and feel. Hard choice between 4 and 5 so far.


6. Initial reaction: OMG FOO FIGHTERS :awesome: Good playing so far, if that's kept up it'll be a very convincing performance for me. Aaaaand.....it does. So well done. Mind blown.


7. Same as 3 in the poor mixing, but the playing was good. Liked it.


8. Mix is good. Playing is good, but I don't like the song.


9. Sounds thin - some attempt at remedying that should've been made, but other than that sounds really good. Playing is good. This one's got to be James.


10. Same as 3 - poor mixing gives little context for the playing. Sounds alright, albeit a tad sloppy. Dig the trem flutters in the second verse, however. IMO, needs something like a tad of reverb or chorus to sweeten the clean sound, which is fairly dry.



Hard time between 4, 5, 6, and 9, but in the end I have to vote for 6. Frankly, it's fantastic in every way. The playing is tight, focused, and spot-on, the mix is good, and I'm highly impressed by the self-made MIDI tracks. Additionally, the cherry on top was the improved bits during the bridge and outro - much like Hod7ube (or whatever his username was), the entrant manages to keep the original spirit of the song while adding their own tasteful licks in appropriate places, although I think the solo during the outro could've ended sooner. Lastly, absolutely fantastic playing. Really well done. Also doesn't hurt that I love the foo Fighters ;) Really hope that wasn't MFC....




I'd actually quite like Jim to enter


Hell I want everyone in KnT to enter


even if it does involve pisstakes of U2 :awesome:


Might do one. What's the next round?

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Guest Batman.

Yeah I thought that last one would've been really good if it wasn't for the absolute terrible mixing :LOL:


I'm going to vote for 4 again.

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