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KITTEN TAB FACTOR ROUND 1 - Setting the benchmark


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Right, I did write up a summary of what I thought of each track but I saved it on my iPod and the battery now lasts less than 12 hours even when off apparently, so I can't get the file off it. Long story short, some really good entries, but #10 gets my vote.


~ Edit ~


Oh, here we go...


[HIDDEN=What I thought of each track, for anyone who cares...]Entry 1 - Bliss


Could have been a bit smoother in places but a nice clear recording mostly well played. Could have had a bit more of the live improv in there to make it a bit more dynamic and up the difficulty a little. Nice to hear it towards the end though, although I tend to throw little bits of it in earlier on to make it a bit more fun to play. Just my personal take on it though, but a nice job overall.


Entry 2 - Micro Cuts


Lovely clear recording nicely played again. Very nice use of the killswitch before the breakdown. Never thought of doing that before. The end could have been a little smoother perhaps but that's down to individual playing style, so nice work generally.


Entry 3 - Hyper Music


I wasn't expecting much after all the other comments but I have to admit this one had me in stitches throughout, haha! Did you just go for this or did you take the time to plan it out beforehand? Listening to this after a boring shift at work really made my evening. I was nearly crying with laughter at some points. Brilliantly terribly done.


Entry 4 - New Born


Interesting take on this. Never heard the first verse played like that before. It's hard to pin down how I feel about this one really. It's strange because I can't really pick out anything wrong with it, but maybe I just feel it lacked a bit of the energy that I associate with performances of this song. It might have been the backing track or recording but perhaps just speeding it up a bit and having a bit more of the live energy behind it and it might have come through more. I can't really fault the playing though so good job.


Entry 5 - Fury


I love the use of the Whammy through this, especially the transition from Interlude to Fury, and at the end of the choruses. Some really nice playing, although as mentioned already, the recording can be a bit indistinct at times, especially compared to some of the other entries, but that could just be down to the recording equipment. A nice dynamic feel to the performance though, so well done.


Entry 6 - Hyper Music


Man, this threw me, haha...I was listening to the start thinking "where's the pick scratches?!", haha! Always loved that bassline though. Muse's best in my opinion, and perfectly done. A very Musey tone as well. A shame not to have been able to make it your own a bit more, I suppose, but that can be in the limitations of the song more than the player, so can't fault you for that really. Perhaps I'm just used to the freedom of the guitar and being able to improvise a bit more. Nicely played though.


Entry 7 - Hyper Music


Stubbed your toe? Haha! Love the pick scratching intro on this one. Shame the rest of the recording isn't as clear as it makes it harder to hear properly. Sounds like a really nice tone throughout though. A really nice take on the song actually. Not too dissimilar to how I play it myself. Well played, but I hope you can improve the audio quality a bit in the other rounds, as it would make it a lot easier to hear your playing in the heavier segments.


Entry 8 - Dark Shines


Where's the beautiful cleans? The transitions between the quiet and heavy moments really make the song, so missing them out is a big loss in my opinion. Could have been a bit more fluid in places too. Just a couple of points where it sounded a bit messy in the chorus, and it would have been nice to hear the whammying up to an octave above for a smoother transition to the solos. Not intending to just pick out the bad points as there's a nice sound there and it's mostly played well, but there's some tough competition this time round.


Entry 9 - Fury


That's some lovely Fury tone right there. A lot clearer than the other entry, although the playing itself probably isn't always as smooth in my opinion. The part about three minutes in is definitely wrong, I'm afraid, and it's pretty off putting, even though the rest is mostly really nicely played. A bit messy towards the end again though. A bit of a shame and it lets the rest of the recording down sadly. Look forward to hearing your other entries though.


Entry 10 - Stockholm Syndrome


Surprised more people didn't do this song to be honest, although I suppose it was a popular choice last time round. Not really sure what there is to say about this. Pretty much faultless. I tend to include more of the live improv in there myself, but as it was played, it was done perfectly, and I can't really say much more than that. Very nicely done. This gets my vote for the first round.[/HIDDEN]

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