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KITTEN TAB FACTOR ROUND 1 - Setting the benchmark


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lel i heard some songs i've never heard before


btw i liked the 4. the best, (10 was cool too) it was tasty/polished (both in tone and playing) as if the guy who played it had a producer sitting in his head telling him when to cut the wankery and when to throw in some tricks


shiet it was phat and tasteful despite i disliked teh toan @ 0:46 and the other cleans (the main reason why i won't enter seriously, i think i won't be able to record a good tone despite having a mic)

btw i have a feeling that it was recorded with a modeler like line6 stuff or with software like GuitarRig


and the overall quality of the entries are awesome

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The Darkshines one really disappointed me. One of my favourite bits is after the second solo where it all comes down a bit and theres that really clean, moody solo right before the fade out. Where were the lush cleans and really subtle bends?


Seemed kinda like l33t GSK toan all the way through anyway though, so not keen.

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