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The 2nd Law Album Cover Revealed


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Looks too simplistic to be the album art of the new album, and I will be disappointed if it is! This looks much more to be a singles art piece.


Entire time I felt like matt was trolling twitter with a time laps of Bings first finger painting...

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I like it. I hope they use that color scheme (with variations here and there) through the tour cycles.


Also love that there's no text. That's one of my favorite things about the art for Abso and BH&R. Personally, it's more exciting than the artwork for TR was.

That would be nice, yes.


Yeah, found that a lot of albums look better without the text.


Looking back on the first page, I like it, but for some reason it doesn't seem like the right 'style' for the album...I hope someone else gets what I'm trying to say :erm:


Suppose we won't really know until the album's actually released.


Hannah: It's possible to draw that. Just scribble in the basic shape of a brain :awesome:

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I'm eagerly awaiting all the interviews that contain:


"so, the album art. Looks to me like a big fiber-optic broccoli. Is that a statement on radioactivity and produce impacting our global food supply? I clearly cannot read captions under pictures..."


"there's two songs on this album where, if you don't mind my being so bold, Matt, where your vocals seem completely different than what we are used to... Did you see a vocal coach for that? What was your inspiration?"


"sounds like you're writing about a bit of a drinking problem... Is that something you're still fighting? I hear you were all pissed up at the NME awards... Did calling someone in the band a "cunt" lead you to seek help at all...?"

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