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MUSE 360 App Available Now!


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"I know, let's release possibly one of our most popular shows of all time to only a small minority of our fanbase! :awesome:


Well said, the only i-related thing I own is an iPod. I don't own the pad the phone or the MAC but I've been a Muse fan for 10 years and yet again miss out on something that's only being released to a small demographic.


It's like the phone covers are only for iphones, what about other handsets such as BB, Samsung etc? I'd LOVE a Muse cover for my phone but can't get one


I know a lot of it isn't really the band's decision, the management etc have a lot to do with it but it would be nice if they actually listened to us for once :(

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We want origin of symmetry!

Muse give us it live in full

We want it on the tv!

Muse give us it on tv

Whaaaat! We want the whole thing on DVD!

Muse give us the whole thing on apple apps

Its been out one day and we want more!


Poor muse


Yes, poor Muse. They provide a lovely treat for their richer fans and the poor ones complain for being left out. Awful, ungrateful poor fans :noey:

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Well that's one example. There's a ton of apps in the Android store that aren't on iPhone, just depends on what the developers decide to write the apps for.


I know. I'm just saying that they should have released to multiple platforms.



I just wish it would work on my iPod after spending that money :(



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