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Thread Prefixes and Posting (please read before posting)


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Hey guys, just thought I'd post a little update on posting guidelines in Muse in the Media.


Media, wtf?:


Just so you know, media is the communication by humans through an artificial channel. This can range from Televisions, Newspapers, the Internet and even cave drawings. Things to include in this forum are interviews, features, reviews and the like. Rumours can be included but only if they are sourced from a reputable media outlet.


For YouTube videos that are not Muse related, use the YouTube thread over in Other Muse Topics.


Dates In Titles:


When making new threads please remember to write in the relevant date in the title as ambigious titles like "In this week's NME" or "Tonight on ABC..." are most unhelpful once the time has passed.


Date format should be DD/MM/YYYY (eg. today's date would be 16/05/2008). If you could include the date at the end of the thread title that would be ace. This also reduces the chances of duplicate threads which in turn reduces my workload and makes for a happier Popey :LOL:


Thread Prefixes:


There's a nifty new feature to the board that we're implementing today to help organise and keep track of threads, exclusive to Muse in the Media. Thread prefixes are essentially what they say on the tin. When making new threads you'll be greeted with a drop down box next to where you would usually enter the thread title, here you can select a prefix to the thread you are posting. Five regularly featured types of media are included as well as the option to have no prefix.




As well as letting people know what form of media the thread speaks of it also allows for easier identification of threads, as well as allowing you to sort posts by their prefix. This option can be found at the bottom of the thread listing.




Of course with this being a new feature there's the possibility for bugs and improvements. Any issues just raise them in this thread or PM myself or another mod.


Cheers guys!

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EDIT: with the new neat feature described above, the method shown below became useless. I will left for history purpose. :LOL:


good guidelines. lets hope people will follow them. :]


on another board, not related with music (rpg stuff) but where it was really necessary to keep track of what you were talking about, we had similar guidelines. there you´d put something like "[GURPS Cyberpunk] Doubts about technology time setting". Here, I'd post something like '[sourceName DD/MM/YYYY] Understandable Title'.




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If you are posting a Muse related Youtube video in this forum, please use the Youtube tag to make the video visible in the thread using either the direct video link or the video ID.


Select your source. Either:


Video link =

Video ID = 5lRdNDa7QNI


And add YT tags:


[yt ]


Take out the space after the "t" and your video will be displayed:



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