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Posting Covers of survival? Here is your Guitar Lesson For The Song, Get to learning!


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Hey everyone, first post here so hope its a good one for you! - i thought this would be worth posting in its own thread for people if they have any questions


Totally blown away by this tune. Been waiting a long time for muse to release their next album so this came as a really nice surprise when i heard it out of the blue. In fact i liked it so much i HAD to do a guitar tutorial so people can play this at their next party and thought you guys might like to grab that axe and learn it!


I have done an in depth guitar lesson on the chords and solo for people interested in learning this one and impressing their mates and thought it would make a nice share on these here forums im sure a few of you are guitar nuts!


Its going live in about an hour (just uploading at the moment) so if you got a guitar and you love the song like me! then I look forward to teaching you it.


Thank you MUSE for re-introducing some proper rock for us guitarists to get our teeth into this year!




Video is now live for anyone looking for a challenge! :http://youtu.be/ray0Z2YSmVw

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