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How would you rate Survival, on a scale of 1-5?  

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  1. 1. How would you rate Survival, on a scale of 1-5?

    • Poor - What is this shite?
    • Fair - Well, it's tolerable, but I'll skip it a lot.
    • Good - Decent song, some good parts.
    • Very good - Mostly enjoyable, some really great moments, but not perfect.
    • Excellent - Holy crap, I love it. I had to change my pants.

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I give it 10 minutes before everyone is over the initial "OMG IT'S A NEW MUSE SONG" excitement. Based on the fact that it's a single makes me think that it will just be something fairly lame like Uprising, except with a gimmicky wubwub bit, rather than a heavy rock track with a gimmicky wubwub bit.


In other words; Exciting to hear new stuff, yes. But the song won't be anything special.

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